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Alternatives to Photoshop
Speaker: Peter Lovelock
28 January 2015, 7:00pm
at the St Nicholas Centre

Adobe? Who needs Adobe?

There are some fine apps out there for editing and manipulating images, but not so if you prefer to shoot raw (and who doesn’t?).

Our friends at Colour Confidence in Birmingham have recently become distributors of DxO software and a range of Mac-only photo apps from Macphun.

Popular speaker, Peter Lovelock (who many of us will remember from his excellent Colour Management presentation a couple of years ago) returns to demonstrate DxO, thought by many to be a superior raw processor to Adobe Camera Raw (and a fraction of the price!), as we'll as the wide range of versatile plug-ins available for the software.

Macphun is a US developer dedicated to the Apple community, offering a wide range of fast, inexpensive, easy-to-use apps to remove unwanted objects, implement blurs and control colours, contrast and textures.

If you have any interest in photography, this is a great opportunity to see these not-so-well-known alternatives to the Adobe behemoth, presented with Peter’s usual splendid (dry!) sense of humour.

Have a great Christmas, and join us at the end of January for another busy evening at the St Nicholas Centre.

See you there!


Details of our courses during 2015 coming soon.

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