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Make the most of your Mac
OK we all know our Mac’s a joy and pleasure to use –
But ever thought... there must be more?
There is, and it’s on your doorstep – Suffolk’s Mac User Group can help you...

bullet_ball-gold Step in to a new arena – digital photography, movie making, creating music...
bullet_ball-gold Stay on the cutting edge of Mac technology...
bullet_ball-gold Make the most of your favourite software and hardware...
bullet_ball-gold Upgrade without tears...
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Latest News
2015 programme finalised.
We have an active, members-only, Google Group. Worth the subscription for the help alone.

OSX Masterclass
Speaker: Paul Skirrow
25 March 2015, 7:00pm
at the St Nicholas Centre

Paul Skirrow will present a Master Class in using OS X and show how to get the most from your Mac including the new features in Apple’s latest OS 10.10 Yosemite. This is aimed at all users, from beginners to experts and will reveal the hidden secrets and enormous power of the world’s best operating system. As well as presenting dozens of hints and tips, Paul will focus on practicalities such as backing up your data, recovering lost files and keeping your data safe and secure should you lose your Mac, backup drive or USB stick.

Paul Skirrow started writing software at school when he wrote a Forth compiler, Macro Assembler and timetabling application for his Computing ‘O’ level before moving on to games such as Space Invaders, Lunar Rescue and Asteroids Deluxe which he sold to Atarisoft. He set up his own software business at 18 and has since designed and developed software for dozens of diverse applications including Lindos professional audio measuring equipment, Acorn/Bush Internet TV, Pace Set Top Boxes and manufacturing software for the local Nestlé pet food factory. He now works as a freelance consultant primarily for BT TV where he designs digital TV and encryption software. 

See you there!


Details of our courses during 2015 coming soon.

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