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There have always been core groups of dedicated Mac users in Suffolk but, too often, they worked in isolation which made it difficult to resolve issues or brainstorm new techniques. That all changed 17 years ago when the Suffolk Mac Users Group was born.

We have grown to a group of 120+ members who share tips, trials and tribulations, tutorials and everything that is anything to do with the Mac experience. All our meetings and classes are warm and friendly. Plain English is always encouraged and everyone is welcome, whether you are a seasoned professional or an absolute beginner.

How to access a Suffolk Mac User Group meeting

We meet every other month on Zoom - from 7.30pm to 9.00pm - but we also organise face-to-face social events, so you can meet fellow members and take part in events like photowalks and discussions.

Come and see for yourself - you’re assured of a very warm welcome. Our meetings are very friendly, and we welcome questions, no matter whether you are a seasoned pro or tinkering with an iPad for the very first time!

SMUG on Zoom!
  • Welcome


    to Suffolk Mac User Group
    Dedicated to all things Mac - Listen, learn and share

  • Who Are We?

    Who Are We?

    Dedicated Mac Users

    Of every level, from absolute beginner to wise wizard - 120+ members who want to make the most of their Macs

  • Our Regular Meetings

    Our Regular Meetings

    are Held Once Every Other Month on Zoom (plus occasional face-to-face socials!)
    Participate from home, join in, ask questions - And keep an eye out for special events!

  • Membership


    comes With Extra Benefits
    At £10 a year, it's a no brainer! There's always something new happening - Membership also gives you special discounts on Mac products

  • Our Message Board

    Our Message Board

    A Dynamic Forum for Members
    Supported by a backbone of reliable, knowledgeable and experienced users